Our History

Starting life as Leeds Angling Club in 1891, they were affiliated members of Leeds and District A.S.A. At this time they owned no waters but made use of waters rented by Leeds and District A.S.A.

Over a period of time, they began renting their own waters and in 1952 they had several waters and a membership of 78. In this year Leeds and District A.S.A passed a resolution that no club in their membership could take on any waters without first consulting the officials of the society. Leeds Angling club resigned it’s membership shortly after this decision. The club continued to flourish gaining membership and acquiring new waters.

They eventually changed their name to West Riding Anglers in 1978 to prevent any confusion with Leeds and District Amalgamation.

The name West Riding Anglers came about because the club had held its meetings until 1966 at the West Riding Hotel, in Wellington Street, Leeds.

The Club continues to flourish, with meetings still taking place on a Monthly basis in Leeds, and a membership of around 150 members.